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This Homepage is Dedicated to the Woman I LOVE!

Ashley is my loving Wife, she makes my days bright and cheerful, and my nights...well this is a PG site hehehehe.
I like to buy her 's regularly, cause I am a romantic.


I sure hope that I will
always be able to buy you roses,
but in the lean times,
you will always have these!

A Poem For You
To my cherished second heart..

I pray each day we never part
You will always be my dear soulmate
You understand my thoughts and fate

I hope you feel my heart pound hard
For it is the sign of my regards
Whenever you feel lonely or sad
In pain or just hurting a tad

Hold your hands to your second heart
And feel the signal for I will start
Just close your eyes and feel me there
I will give you strength and a lot of care

I am nothing real pretty or even handsome
I just have a second heart that never stops running
Your in my thoughts and in my dreams
I care so much for you it seems

Please... my dear second heart
Never fear to let the signal start
I hope I bring you joy and happiness
I want you to feel my heart and caress

So rise each day with that smile
for no matter how far or the miles
I will always be inside of you
Just relax for a second and feel my clue....

I Love You....


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